Do not buy life insurance from REASSURE AMERICA

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I bought a policy 18 years ago and have made payments all that time. They charge 8% on all transactions. They lie to you on the phone and then change their story in writting. They are crooks who promise security and then steal from the customer.

You can't trust a word they say. They just make money for themself's and have no concern fro the customer.

Save yourself alot of heartache and look somewhere else.

This company promises that the cost of the insurance will stay the same, but will raise the premiums the older you get. They will charge you so much and hope you will drop out after age 60. Beware of this company REASSURE AMERICA. Run Forest Run

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What Jim has stated above happened to me. After paying the set premium for 25 yrs they advised it now was insufficient to cover cost of ins.

they asked for 4 times what the original premium was, I asked for an adjustment so I could pay on a monthly basis rather than hitting me with $5000 all at one. They said they would do that, I rec invoice for $1800 which I pd, rec another for original premium amount which I pd.

Then rec another for $4700 which I didn't pay because I was understanding they had made adjustments. Next letter advised' my ins was discontinued and they will not reinstate.

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